NEW website is LIVE!

Oh my goodness, what a flurry, what a whirlwind…the NEW website is now LIVE!


We all very much hope you enjoy visiting the website, not only to see the new hats but to read about the new team and enjoy a browse through the gallery which has a lovely initial selection of archive photos.

Lovely feedback is already coming through and we are here to help with any enquiries….well, to be honest not every single one of us, some of us (and I shall remain nameless!)…need to have a little lie down in dark room for a little while!


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2 days to website launch!

Very excited folk here in the studio today as we are gathered for final website testing, press releases flying out, and far too much coffee being imbibed….need to up our intake of chocolate to soak up the caffiene!?

The new website with over 40 hats available to buy online will be live on Thursday (regardless of our coffee overdose!) and you will be able to see the Couture Collection of one-off pieces, the Felt Collection of hats for every occasion to see you through Winter to the Spring, and the first of our limited edition Anniversary hats!

16-459-jane-corbett-001Yesterday we showcased a few of the new pieces at the Vineyard Hotel and Spa at Stockcross, near neighbours of ours and a truly lovely hotel, we were part of the Pelican Cancer Foundation charity Christmas Fair and it was wonderful to see so many good clients and friends there. The feedback was so great and the new trilby’s flew off our stand so we know we have created some popular pieces!

We loved the wine bottle christmas tree at the Vineyard, and the light reflections on the ceiling…


The feedback was so great and the new trilby’s (including our lovely powder blue one) flew off our stand so we know we have created some popular pieces….

16-457-image-5-04Ok, coffee time…again!



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20th Anniversary!!

First glimpse of the new collection...this showstopper has hand made steel fabric flowers....

First glimpse of the new collection…this showstopper has hand made steel fabric flowers….

What a surprise to find that 2017 is my 20th anniversary as a milliner! I am not sure which is the most shocking realisation…that I have been making hats for 20 years or that it is so long since I have written a blog!
So much news!
Most importantly to mark this extraordinary anniversary I have been hidden away working hard with a brand new team of fabulous folk, old and new friends who have come together to make my creative and business life a whole new pleasurable adventure!

There will be an introduction to this great new team in another blog but for now I just want to shout from the rooftops that thanks to the team we are almost ready to launch our new collections online!

Coming soon at we have three new collections including couture one-off pieces and news of the start of a special anniversary collection of limited edition pieces!


There will be lots more news, inside info and pictures to come over the next week, including dipping into the photo archive, but for now you are warmly invited go to the website holding page and join our mailing list, and you are very welcome to follow us on all our new social media platforms twitter @janecorbetthats on Facebook @janecorbettmillinery and instagram janecorbettmillinery so you are first to hear all the latest news including the launch date!

Now I have rediscovered the joys of blogging….expect lots of new posts!


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Creative Winter Workshops!

From making Christmas cards, sketch books, creating mixed media textile sculptures, art evening classes and of course couture millinery trims and hat workshops!

Why not treat yourself to some creative time out! There is something for everyone with a creative itch, whether you are a beginner and would like to join one of the relaxed friendly art classes, if you are a maker who wants to explore new ways of working or if you are a milliner or millinery student who wants to learn some new couture skills.

After a exceptionally busy Autumn that included teaching at West Dean, exhibiting at both Handmade at Kew and Select Showcase, and sending work to AAF London it is great to be back in the studio and to have finally organised a programme of winter workshops, I am looking forward to welcoming students, old and new, to the studio!

Download the winter workshops word document and see the full list of workshops and classes available, dates and prices.

winter workshops

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Where faerie mountains meet the sea

A wild wet week in a bothy in Scotland….to some maybe a bit of a hard sell as a summer holiday but our stay in the bothy on Dry Island, Badachro was an adventure we would not have missed!


Wester Ross is not just another country it’s another world, where brooding mountains meet a sea awash with jellyfish. In between a skirt of dripping birch trees and glorious flora hidden deep in the peat and between the rocks.

The scale of the landscape is extraordinary, there is almost nothing between the monumental and the miniscule, no middle way between mountain and lichen carpet.

Yes there was kayaking, boat trips, crab cooking, mackeral catching, fire pit stoking, wood and bracken shelter building and lots of walking but the pictures I want to share are some of the hundreds I took of plants and lichens….an overload of inspiration to bring back to my studio. I took lots of black and white images but I am sharing (honestly brutally edited down!) some of the colour ones…

IMG_6290 IMG_6282 IMG_6277 IMG_6262 IMG_6255 IMG_6253 IMG_6244 IMG_6242 IMG_6232 IMG_6224 IMG_6214 IMG_6211 IMG_6202 IMG_6200 IMG_6197 IMG_6130 IMG_6129 IMG_6128 IMG_6126 IMG_6124 IMG_6117 IMG_6105 IMG_6023 IMG_6003 IMG_5960 IMG_5928 IMG_5920 IMG_5861 IMG_5858 IMG_5828 IMG_5822 IMG_5821

So, thanks to Dry island and Wester Ross now back in the studio with heaps of fresh inspiration, all set for new work before for exhibiting at Select Showcase and Handmade at Kew in October.

…….already thinking of a trip to another bothy, I might even have found the ‘one’, next time leaving the family behind and just carrying art materials and my copy of Nan Shepherd’s ‘The Living Mountain’…..



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A day of botanic inspiration

Wonderful research day at National Botanic Garden of Wales…..


Japanese Garden

Those of you that know my work will be aware of my fascination for botanical forms and collections; plants, seeds, and roots have all appeared in my work this year after a memorable twilight encounter with the strange forms in the glasshouses at Edinburgh Botanical Gardens……well I am now freshly inspired after making my first research trip to the National Botanical Garden of Wales yesterday!

What a wonderful place….no apologies for all the images in this post (believe me I have heavily edited and I did run out of camera battery long before I ran out of extraordinary plants and views I wanted to record!)

IMG_5576  IMG_5585  IMG_5587IMG_5586

Such an extraordinary variety of gardens, from the tiny restful Japanese Garden, to the bizarre heaven of the steamy tropical house, through the gloriously blousey double walled garden to the mediterranean warmth in the Great Glasshouse.


Not forgetting the ghost forest, the Apothecaries’ Garden, the Bog Garden, the slate beds and beautiful drifts of jewel flowers down through the wild garden.

IMG_5600 IMG_5601IMG_5695


Wandering through the Waun Las Nature Reserve was an unexpected delight, the walk through the Pont Felin Gat wooded valley was magical; lichen, moss, dark burbling waters, a Jay in the tree ahead and the waterfall over rocks flashing red.








Walking back to the main site with flocks of sheep and finches for company to sit by lily packed and bullrush fringed lakes purring with dragonflies.

IMG_5662 IMG_5664IMG_5671 IMG_5668IMG_5670

Hard to believe that such a staggering variety of enivironments and plants were all here in the botanical gardens, I have barely captured a taste of it, but it has captured my creative heart!

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Open Studio and Royal Christening

Thank you to everyone who came along to my Open Studio this weekend, so lovely to see old friends, new faces and to have such interesting conversations with people that were passing on boats or visitors from overseas that I would never have met if the front door hadn’t been open!

Delighted that Carole Middleton wore one of my hats for the royal christening this afternoon, it was a pleasure to design and make something to match her beautiful Catherine Walker outfit.

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