A visit to Rose Cory

A not so speedy round trip of nine hours just to “pop” to London to see my old teacher Rose Cory, worth every minute of travel chaos!

Rose is known as “the milliners milliner”, a truly brilliant milliner, a generous and patient teacher, and one of the most gentle and lovely souls you could ever wish to meet.

Having made exquisite hats for so many decades Rose continues to selflessly share her skills and expertise with her students, ensuring that some of her passion and talent for the traditional skills of model millinery are passed on.

Nearly 15 years since I first met Rose, and I still look at the shape of a hat, or my stitching and think ‘would I be happy to show that to Rose?’, and if the answer is no, then I do it again!

At a busy time in the studio it was a real delight to take time out to see her today and to thank her for all she taught me, lucky are those students who still go into her workroom, I hope they make the most of all she can show them and never cut corners! Model millinery requires patience and time, and you never stop learning!

thank you Rose!


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One Response to A visit to Rose Cory

  1. Dibs says:

    I am starting a course with her in August, and I am so excited. It feels very reassuring to read posts like this about Rose. I don’t know her, but I am sure I will love her.

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