Jane Corbett, brave, delighted, or just exhausted?!

Petticoat Casket

Red Style Book

Well, I did it! Opened the house and put my artwork on display…..was I nervous, exhausted, worried? All of the above! Then also delighted, touched and inspired by the reaction of those who came to see the work! It has been so many years since my last exhibition of art work (rather than hats) I had forgotten the stress and the buzz!

So many people who wanted to come to see “Costume Reliquaries” couldn’t make the ‘one day only’ show that I have now decided to leave it all in place for at least a month….I will try to get some more pictures up on the website soon but in the meantime I just wanted to thank all those who came, and say to those who would still like to see the work that there will be another ‘open house’ day on Wednesday 9th November, and the work can be viewed at any other date and time by appointment! Contact details on the website; janecorbett.co.uk

…and another thank you once again to Giles Penfound for his glorious photography!

Trousseau Archive (detail)


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Couture milliner and artist
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One Response to Jane Corbett, brave, delighted, or just exhausted?!

  1. Nicola and I visited last Sunday and were mesmerized by the beauty and exquisite detail of Jane’s work, this is an exhibition not to be missed.
    many congrats to Jane & Pete

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