catch up!

It seems a creative soul and her blog are all too easily parted…..all it took was a new hard drive and a forgotten password!

January highlights; a ‘new collection’ photo shoot with Giles Penfound, always so much fun and rewarding to work with; a night at the opera – the brilliant production of Tosca at the ENO; and two giggly play days in London with my best friend which we packed with gallery visits and cake! (Loved the golden spider cloak in the V&A and the two exhibitions at the Welcome Institute) Add to that good books, a beautiful vintage kimono and lots of new hats in the studio and I can probably gloss over the fact that there was ice on the inside of the bedroom window on too many mornings!

February highlights; a day working with the talented artist/photographer Francois Cadiere, (really looking forward to seeing the results!); some very charming new clients and exciting plans taking shape with Nikki….all of which is news for another day! Add to that the first flowers in the garden and a tame pheasant on the back doorstep and I can probably gloss over the fact that I sat through the muppet movie at half term!

Lowlights; the international postal service, and apologies to my workshop ladies……but I felt so poorly I think it really might almost have been man-flu!


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Couture milliner and artist
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