Fingers, finches and fancy hats at fifty!

A long time no-blog but today I have time as I am on a forced break from sewing due to an infected finger…..arrggghh…just what a busy milliner does NOT need 4 weeks from Ascot!!! With my right arm in a sling I can at least type with my left hand, albeit very slowly!!!

Jubilee celebrations have meant more orders this year, wonderful that so many people are attending events nationwide as The Queen continues her remarkable tour, a diary that would exhaust someone half her age! Of course, the celebrations in London next month will be the highlight….Thames flotilla sounds wonderful!

In the sea of Ascot and Jubilee hats I am still working on my textile art works to show at Art in Action this summer, oh, and I threw a big birthday party! (It seemed the only way to turn 50 was to put up a marquee and dance til dawn!)

Now…..the most important news…..allow me to introduce my ‘Lulu’s’, my gorgeous little finches, best birthday present ever and an endless excuse to leave the workroom and loiter by the garden aviary!!!!!!!!



About janecorbettmillinery

Couture milliner and artist
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