Art in Action

It has been a frantically busy few weeks, no time for the much needed post-Ascot breather! Thanks to Victoria and recalled ‘pixie’ Leah for their hard work and patience in keeping me on track!

Tis the night before the day before Art in Action! (and all is most certainly not quiet in the house!!!) Almost ready (a very ambitious claim) to pack the van and decamp a mini studio to Oxfordshire for the week. Packing list includes furniture, hats, hat blocks, wellies, lights, tools, materials, equipment, wellies, tent, chocolate, art work, plinths, pin boards, framed photos, waterproofs, suncream, wellies, display stands, fliers, business cards, sunhat and of course wellies……it sounds as though those super organised folk at Art in Action have a fantastic plans in place to overcome the weather, it will be true British grit (and wellies) that get the 25,000 visitors to, and through the event, and you can be sure we will all smile!

Very excited, really looking forward to all the visitors, the dance and music events, and the chance to talk to so many fascinating makers…..a real treat to be invited to demonstrate millinery in the textiles marquee!

Just hope there is enough time for catching the flamenco, the Japanese tea ceremony, the fresh paella, and to seek out my favourite jeweller, Maike Barteldres, to buy myself a treat!

Did I mention that I am packing my wellies……?!


About janecorbettmillinery

Couture milliner and artist
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