In praise of Art in Action!

Albeit a little belated I have a huge thank you to say to all the staff and volunteers, my fellow demonstrators and the extraordinary visitors at Art in Action that together made those four days quite breath taking! A wonderful event, unique, uplifting, revitalising, exhilarating and ultimately calming despite the long hours….! I don’t believe there is any event quite like it and it was a total pleasure to be involved. Returned to my studio with a sense of calm and creatively inspired! High lights (so very many to choose from!) included meeting couture designer Allison Rodger, the treat of the demonstrators dinner, the ceramic and jewellery pieces that I bought, and all the interesting conversations with stream upon stream upon stream of lovely visitors! Can’t wait for Art in Action 2013!


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Couture milliner and artist
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One Response to In praise of Art in Action!

  1. Sara says:

    art in action pulled off a great organisational success with the car parking rearrangement ! Yet despite this as you say each year I find myself calmed after visiting and ultimately inspired!!

    I’m just saving the pennies to enrolled in one of your courses as your stand looked fantastic ths year particularly loved the use of colour

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