Studio debris and late nights…

I can barely hear myself think over the howling wind, rain and hailstones tonight, this old house has been creaking in new and disconcerting ways but at least the studio is bright and warm. My son came in today and exclaimed “just look at the state of this room Mummy!”, hmm,  unfair perhaps that the same rules do not apply to my studio as do to his bedroom, but surely dirty socks and lego are more offensive than my creative detritus….ah, glancing again at my enormous overflowing table and floor strewn with debris, I conceded, (only inwardly) that he may have a point.

I am on a roll, and that always means no time, or point, to stop and tidy. However alarming it may look to the casual observer thankfully the work invariably rises pristine from the disorder. On one side, (and in one hand) I have large delicate Ascot hats taking shape and the rest of the space is taken up with wire and porcelain and threads and paper and glass and wax….putting together the work for my exhibition ‘Myth or Memory’ at The Showcase, Craft Central, Clerkenwell, London opening on the 17th March.

It’s way past midnight, again, I should turn the lights off. Press release about the exhibition in my next blog, unless I suffer a complete reversal of character and get distracted by stopping to put things away. In my minds eye I see my 11 year old raising his eyebrows at that unlikelihood!


About janecorbettmillinery

Couture milliner and artist
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