Work on it’s way to Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh

Absolutely thrilled that I am to be represented by Arusha Gallery in Edinburgh, very exciting! Busy packing the first art works to go up to Scotland tomorrow for the Gallery’s November show; ‘It’s just a quick walk to the future from here’.
It is a mixed show, other artists taking part in the exhibition include Romina Ressia, Pippa Young, Ilona Szalay, Barbara Meyr and Paul Kessling.

Arusha Gallery also plan to show my work at the Edinburgh Art Fair 4-16 November

This is one of the pieces heading to Scotland…

Jane Corbett 'Cornucopia' Photo Giles Penfound

Jane Corbett
Photo Giles Penfound

With a long journey ahead for the pieces I find myself wondering this morning at the wisdom of showing my work in large fragile glass domes! Thank goodness ‘my man’ is a professional when it comes to art packing, but I will still be relieved to hear of their safe delivery!

A trip to Scotland is now very high on my list of things to do and may well involve a detour to my beloved Northumberland…..long overdue.


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