New work!


Time to reveal what has kept me quiet, painting!


As ever I am surprised by the long gap between my posts but I have been in self imposed ‘lockdown’ in the studio, sometimes there is only time to work! So how come it often seems that there are not enough creative hours in a day?



I have been plate spinning with different techniques, thank goodness the studio table is big enough to spread out porcelain, textile constructions and paints without too many cross over mishaps.

IMG_5455 IMG_5429 IMG_4101_2

Best of all has been painting again. Which has meant excitement, frustration, delight and disappointment in ever changing waves. I had forgotten how hard it is, how much concentration it takes, how much silence I need!


My preoccupation with strange natural forms and cabinets of curiosity continues and I am really enjoying the challenge of capturing growth and form on a flat surface.


Inspiration comes from the plants at Edinburgh Botanical Gardens and Kew, the notion of what is precious, what is worthy of collecting, and also the suggestion that dead, inert specimens, skeletal forms and empty pods can silently, secretively, begin to regrow.

My young studio assistant, who ate a tube of oil paint last week but thanks to the vet lived to see another day on the window seat.


As for millinery…the only place to find a Jane Corbett hat this season is in Harrods, I have taken off my millinery hat and put a paintbrush behind my ear!


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Couture milliner and artist
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