Seminars and workshops are like buses…

Escaping the studio to look at and talk about the work of others is something that all artists and makers need to do every now and then, but making an escape is often thwarted by our own determination or deadlines to just ‘finish’ or ‘start’ or ‘try to resolve’ a piece of our own work.

However, there are also times when the call is too good to ignore which is why I am heading towards my third escape in as many weeks!

Last weekend it was a seminar day for Short Course Tutors at West Dean College near Chichester. A call to West Dean can certainly not go unheard! A treat to be back, as soon as I arrive there and turn the car engine off a special kind of peace descends. It was an interesting day and it was great to catch up with staff and other tutors, especially my friend couture dress designer Allison Rodgers. I am looking forward to being back there to teach a short course in September.

West Dean College

West Dean College

Then this weekend it was a scamper to Stroud for a seminar day at The Museum in the Park, with the curator Andy Christian and some of the artists involved in ‘The Power of Ten’ exhibition as part of Select Festival 2015. A brilliant day, great work and interesting talks by Susie Gillespie, Sumi Perera, Shuna Rendel and Kerry Jameson who talked about the process of breaking and re-editing her extraordinary ceramic pieces. It’s always fascinating to hear about the working practice of other artists, and I also enjoyed seeing the work of Ann Goddard, Caroline Dear and talking to Susanna Bauer about her beautiful stitched magnolia leaves. All in all a very inspiring day.


Susie Gillespie (detail) Her weavings start with planting her own flax seed


Susanna Bauer (detail) intricate ‘private’ stitch work on magnolia leaves


Susanne Bauer (detail)


Anne Goddard (detail)


Shuna Rendel (detail)


Shuna Rendel As part of her talk we were able to handle some of her beautiful weaving samples, this piece caught my eye as it looks like a sloughed skin


The Power of Ten

The Power of Ten


Caroline Dear All her materials are gathered from around her home on Skye

Details of artists work and contacts are in the exhibition information

There is now just time to squeeze in another full working week (well, I say full but I have already lost Bank Holiday Monday to scrapping wax off my studio hotplate and a mountain of assorted utensils, that were not intended for wax, and I will be out of the studio on Thursday to see ‘Savage Beauty’ at the V&A and Diebenkorn at the RA) before I go back to the Museum in the Park in Stroud next weekend for a two day workshop with Mary Crabb ‘Experimental Twining:Woven Vessels’. Really looking forward to it. (Day One will be my birthday, will I be British and say nothing or will I own up by taking cake?!)

After all this inspirational soaking up of images, ideas, conversations and techniques I shall certainly be in ‘lock down’ in my studio for a while, private space and private time will be all the more precious, and hopefully all the more productive, after these wanderings.

Going back to key pieces in the studio

Going back to key pieces in the studio with renewed inspiration




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