Where faerie mountains meet the sea

A wild wet week in a bothy in Scotland….to some maybe a bit of a hard sell as a summer holiday but our stay in the bothy on Dry Island, Badachro was an adventure we would not have missed!


Wester Ross is not just another country it’s another world, where brooding mountains meet a sea awash with jellyfish. In between a skirt of dripping birch trees and glorious flora hidden deep in the peat and between the rocks.

The scale of the landscape is extraordinary, there is almost nothing between the monumental and the miniscule, no middle way between mountain and lichen carpet.

Yes there was kayaking, boat trips, crab cooking, mackeral catching, fire pit stoking, wood and bracken shelter building and lots of walking but the pictures I want to share are some of the hundreds I took of plants and lichens….an overload of inspiration to bring back to my studio. I took lots of black and white images but I am sharing (honestly brutally edited down!) some of the colour ones…

IMG_6290 IMG_6282 IMG_6277 IMG_6262 IMG_6255 IMG_6253 IMG_6244 IMG_6242 IMG_6232 IMG_6224 IMG_6214 IMG_6211 IMG_6202 IMG_6200 IMG_6197 IMG_6130 IMG_6129 IMG_6128 IMG_6126 IMG_6124 IMG_6117 IMG_6105 IMG_6023 IMG_6003 IMG_5960 IMG_5928 IMG_5920 IMG_5861 IMG_5858 IMG_5828 IMG_5822 IMG_5821

So, thanks to Dry island and Wester Ross now back in the studio with heaps of fresh inspiration, all set for new work before for exhibiting at Select Showcase and Handmade at Kew in October.

…….already thinking of a trip to another bothy, I might even have found the ‘one’, next time leaving the family behind and just carrying art materials and my copy of Nan Shepherd’s ‘The Living Mountain’…..




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